Hosting, SEO & PPC In Lancashire

Lancashire Hosting

Our shared hosting platform service provides affordable hosting for all types of business, from small websites that serve a small amount of pages, to larger websites with ecommerce options. Our hosting services are scaleable, so that if your website grows to a size where more hosting options are needed, Lancashire Hosting can provide the solutions you need.

We currently offer three different types of hosting packages, all suitable for a different range of needs, from small business needing a small to medium website, to large corporations with needs that surpass that of a small or medium sized business

SEO Services

Our SEO services are designed to help your website rank highly in search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

There are many different factors that Google uses in ranking a website many of which are simply overlooked by web developers and designers. Lancashire Hosting uses a series of different tools to optimise your website before submitting to search engines.

To order our SEO service, simply get in touch with us via Email and we can discuss the best way forward, with a FREE analysis of your website being performed to find out the areas that can be improved.

PPC Google Adwords

Google PPC (pay per click) or Adwords is a time tested, proven method of driving instant traffic to your website. However lots of your set budget can be wasted if you decide to go it alone. At Lancashire Hosting we have Google qualified professionals that are able to set up your account and manage your campaigns effectively, organising monthly reports and detailing the most common search terms that are driving people to your website (this can be a great tool to use to start an organic search campaign). Please contact us on or log in to your control panel and order an adwords campaign from the add on section.